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Cheers-Dream Audit

Deltex Medical is pleased to inform you about

the upcoming Cheers-Dream audit.


Deltex is very happy to be supporting this audit as drinking, eating and mobilising within the first 24 hours post surgery is a very clear indicator that the surgical protocol is effective. Peri-operative fluid management is one of the key elements within your enhanced recovery protocol and the ODM is the only device that has repeatedly shown an outcome benefit.


What is “Cheers–Dream”?

C arbohydrate loaded
H ydrated                                   
E uvolaemic (the right amount of water)
E unatraemic (the right amount of salt)                 
R eady to              
S tart to

D R ink

E at
A nd
M obilise after surgery


To find out how you can get involved, please see the Cheers-Dream Pledge Letter from Dr Kirstie McPherson, Consultant Anaesthetist at University College London Hospital.


For more information, please visit the Cheers-Dream website.