The ODM+ system is designed to allow clinicians to guide fluid and drug administration during major and high risk surgery. The monitors are clinically proven and used to guide Fluid Management, reduce postoperative complications; critical care admissions, critical care stay, length of hospital stay and costs. Deltex Medical’s oesophageal Doppler monitoring is the only fluid management technology to be awarded with UK NICE recommendation (MTG3).

10% Stroke Volume Optimisation

In its simplest form, Stroke Volume Optimisation (SVO) is defined as the administration of fluid, most often a colloid, guided by an algorithm to normalise Stroke Volume without the risk of fluid overload. The 10% SV change algorithm for SVO utilises the Frank-Starling law, which established the relationship between left ventricular stroke volume and left ventricular end diastolic volume.


Above: Treatment algorithm suggested by Professor Mervyn Singer, University Hospital, London.

Only ODM has the precision necessary to guide successfully a 10% Stroke Volume Optimization (SVO) protocol. Its considerable evidence base is testimony to the unique ability of ODM to recognise and monitor 10% changes in Stroke Volume.