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Education, Training & E-Learning

Education, Training and E-Learning

Deltex Medical has a large body of Clinical Evidence and Educational Resources to support any hospital education program.

As well as  a large number of clinical papers, available in our Library, we have a range of Randomized Controlled Trials and a Meta-Analysis. These will provide an in-depth understanding of how Esophageal Doppler Monitoring, Fluid Management and Enhanced Recovery can improve patient outcomes.

The Decision Tree was developed as an evidence based protocol for use with the ODM+ oesophageal Doppler monitor. It can be used to assess cardiovascular function; guide vasoactive therapy following fluid management and to improve outcomes.  View the Decision Tree flyer.

Our highly qualified Clinical Support Specialists possess a wealth of experience. Their mission is to deliver customized training and educational support programs for the EDM and EDM+ in the ICU and Surgical settings.  This can be incorporated within a systemic and controlled implementation plan.