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About Us

About Us

Deltex Medical is a British manufacturer of Fluid Management devices, which include the EDM and EDM+. Both manufacturing and Head Office are based in Chichester, West Sussex, England with subsidiaries in the USA, Canada and Spain.

Our goal is to make esophageal Doppler monitoring (EDM) a standard of care for patients. We believe that, in most modern health systems, it is essential to have a robust evidence base of both clinical benefit and cost effectiveness in order to achieve system-wide adoption of a new medical technology. Deltex Medical is one of the very first medical technology companies to have completed the investment necessary to build such an evidence base. As a result, use of EDM during surgery has the proven potential to deliver both clinical and economic benefits that are material at patient, hospital and system level.

The Company is currently in the implementation phase of achieving this goal in a number of territories worldwide and there are already over 2,800 EDM systems in use in hospitals globally. Distribution arrangements are in place in over 30 countries.

Deltex Medical has been awarded a NICE recommendation for the CardioQ-EDM, based on comprehensive evidence which proves that EDM Fluid Management can reduce postoperative complications and reduce length of hospital stay.