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The CardioQ-ODM is designed to allow clinicians to guide fluid and drug administration during surgery and critical care.


The CardioQ-ODM is designed to allow clinicians to guide fluid and drug administration during Surgery and Critical Care. The monitor is highly responsive in tracking changes in Stroke Volume and Cardiac Output during intervention. Only oesophageal Doppler has been shown to have the precision to drive the 10% Stroke Volume Optimisation algorithm widely acknowledged as the basis for Intraoperative Fluid Management (IOFM).

Oesophageal Doppler monitoring (ODM) is the only technology to measure blood flows in the central circulation; it is highly sensitive to changes in flow and measures them immediately and accurately. ODM is simple to use and enables hospital clinicians to precisely guide Intraoperative Fluid Management (IOFM) during surgery based on small changes in circulating blood volume and so avoid the dangers of reduced oxygen delivery.

The keys to the success of ODM in guiding IOFM are its ability to measure blood flow directly and its precision (low repeatability error) which allows it to recognise the small 10% changes in Stroke Volume which is the basis of published Stroke Volume Optimisation protocols.

Extensive clinical trials have demonstrated that with direct measurement of blood flow, clinicians can correct individual patient circulating blood volume. It has been reported that 70% of patients have hypovolaemia (low blood volume) when they are prepared for surgery. The hypovolaemia results from the combined effects of poor diet, dehydration, preoperative fasting, the vasodilatory effects of anaesthetic agents and blood loss during the surgical procedure.

ODM guided fluid management is a cornerstone of Enhanced Recovery, delivering better quality, more cost effective care as it means patients recover from their surgery faster and leave hospital sooner and in better health than they otherwise would.

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Monitor Mounting Arms

There are a range of mounting arms available from GCX which attach the monitor to anaesthesia stations. You can view the full range available here GCX Mounting Solutions

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