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Deltex Medical launches the CardioQ-ODM+™
About the CardioQ-ODM+

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About the CardioQ–ODM

Deltex Medical's CardioQ–ODM™ oesophageal Doppler monitor (ODM) changes the way doctors can care for patients having major surgery or in intensive care.ODM is the only technology to measure blood flows in the central circulation; it is highly sensitive to changes in flow and measures them immediately and accurately. ODM is simple to use and enables doctors to intervene quickly and safely based on small changes in circulating blood volume and so avoid the dangers of reduced oxygen delivery.

ODM-guided fluid management is a cornerstone of Enhanced Recovery, delivering better quality, more cost effective care as it means patients recover from their surgery faster and leave hospital sooner and in better health than they otherwise would do. Having established a substantial high quality evidence base supporting wide-scale use of its products on both clinical and economic grounds, Deltex Medical is working with leading hospitals around the world to introduce ODM-guided fluid management into routine use.

To date, more than 500,000 patients have benefited from the use of the CardioQ–ODM in surgery and in intensive care and our aim is to establish the use of our products as a 'standard of care' for all patients undergoing major surgery or needing monitoring in intensive care. Read more...

individualized Doppler Guided Fluid Management
All patients undergoing surgery are at risk from serious and potentially life-threatening complications caused by a reduction in circulating blood volume. This condition, known as hypovolaemia, results from the combined effects of pre-operative fasting, the anaesthetic agent and the blood lost during the surgical procedure. In many respects hypovolaemia can be thought of as akin to severe dehydration. Read more...

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